Some of big suppliers of Ammonia are Baltic, Yuzhny, North Africa, Middle East, US Gulf, Caribbean, Northwest Europe, North Africa, India, East Asia, Tampa and US Gulf. In other words, the top ten ammonia exporting countries are Trinidad, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Ukrain, Canada, Indonesia, Australia, Algeria, Qatar, Malaysia, Iran and Egypt.

Some of big traders(buyers) on Ammonia business which are handling buying and selling of this material are Yara, Mitsui, Trammo, Deepak and etc.

Urea fertilizer production consumes almost half of all global ammonia production. The largest growth in industrial use comes from Asia, where china's consumption is estimated to have growth by 6 percent per year over the past 10 years. Consumption of nitrogen for industrial uses has rebounded in the US as well.

Russia is the second largest ammonia exporter and ships more than half of its product through the Ukrainian port of Yuzhny. And the first one is Trinidad.

There is an ongoing process of exporting AMMONIA by land to Turkey destination currently by NAP through loading and offloading station at Turkish/Iran border.