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An international company, having two offices including NAPKIMYA CO. which operates in Ankara-Turkey and NAPTRADING CO. operates in Tehran-Iran. It is responsible for the development and dynamism of the countries’ petrochemical sector. NAP initially began its activity by operating a small business in fertilizer field. Today, NAP is one of the major suppliers and exporters/importers of petrochemicals in the Surrounding countries. Over these years, it has not only expanded the range and volume of its products, but it has also taken steps in areas such as research and marketing to achieve more self-sufficiency. It has been working and doing business for almost twelve years as the reputed supplier of petrochemical sector.

NAP’s major activities are sale, distribution and supply chemicals and petrochemicals, and currently have three representatives in three countries, including Jordan, Brazil and Turkmenistan. NAP operates as an international supplier which is providing integrated product procurement services with a level of certainty and trust, which makes Nap stands unique as well as being responsible for handling policy-making, planning, directing and overseeing the activities of its representatives and affiliates. The company’s target markets are Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Iraq, Turkey, Georgia, Jordan, India, Syria and etc.


A leading supply group providing high quality products and sales services and timely supply of goods, meet customer satisfaction that has provided a credit which is considered the most valuable part of our assets. Nap founded for the purpose of export, import and supply of chemicals, petrochemicals, minerals, food products and etc. needed by customers around the world, and has begun its activities with emphasis on the following principles:

Activities and working within the framework of both parties’ interests and development of customer service

providing customers with secure, reliable and cost-effective services

providing delivery solutions and services that meet customer needs

Provide the best and highest quality possible supply

Integrity and trade and financial health in all activities

Committed to obligations and its responsibility to partners

Providing timely and based on financial and commercial obligations of Goods.

In brief, the group is capable of providing export services including customs formalities and transport and delivery of goods at any border or port of the country or destination point.

Managing Director’s Message

We are here to build a great company. a company that has achieved the highest levels of customer satisfaction. a great place to work, a provider of exceptionally high quality service, a Company that carries itself in the market place with the highest levels of business integrity and business ethics, a company composed of dedicated, accomplished professionals, committed to customer. we are here to build a company in which we can all take great pride.

We as a business group, believe in integrity, honesty, trust, quality, customer orientation, business ethics and excellent supply and logistics as our business values.

“We are moving ahead and see bright horizons of the future. ALL THE BEST”

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Nap Group
Nap Group